So, after about two years of staring lovingly at my headboards and rugs board on pinterest, I bit the bullet and made one of my own. Huge thanks go to John and Sherry over at Young House Love for the final kick in the britches I needed. I realized that with great fabric, I wasn’t that into tufting, which was the most intimidating part. So, with a few hours to kill one evening, I grabbed a tape measure and figured out just how I wanted everything to sit. We’re tall people with a high bed frame, so I knew I wanted the headboard to be taller than I’d ever read about. Our final dimensions were 54 inches high and 76 inches long for our king sized bed.

I ventured out to Joann’s fabric and chose a beautiful, wild purple upholstery fabric

image (16)

She’s extreme, but the rest of our bedroom is very muted browns and deep reds (with the exception of the painted nightstands). It ties the room together, and since the headboard’s behind me when I sleep, I’m not too worried about how much she has going on. I also grabbed a roll of batting (40% off coupon, baby!) and walked out with 2.5 yards of fabric and 12 yards of batting for $37. Yeehaw!

The other issue is that the fabric was only 54 inches wide. That was the desired height of the headboard, so it was almost a deal breaker. Then, in an act of blatant stealing inspiration, I decided to make the headboard 36 inches wide and use a few 2×4 scraps to add 18 inch legs. I like round numbers, so 1/3 and 2/3 just felt right. A real decorator likely would have remeasured, but c’est la vie.

When we bought the house, one selling point was a large red dog house out back. I brought Moose over to see it before we moved in, and he scoffed. By the time Wes came home, seven months had passed and Moose had never set foot in the doghouse. We demolished the house but kept the wood, so our healthy pile of plywood is only too easy to steal from for projects like this.

Wes grabbed two pieces, cut them to fit, and attached them with two 2×4 scraps. Waste not, want not!

image (17)

We then brought the whole thing inside and wrapped it with two layers of batting, stapling tightly on opposite ends. For example, we did the right side, then the left side, then the top, then the bottom. Feel me? After the batting was secure, I lined up the fabric neurotically carefully and stapled it all the way around.

image (18)

Wes added the legs with several 2-inch screws and we popped that sucker into place. Here she is in all of her instagrammed glory.



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