Giant frame fail (?)

Y’all know about the frenzy of wedding photo projects since our sweet vow renewal in February. Now that school’s out (sort of, I’m still taking classes and teaching a little while Wes works as a proctor-ologist), I’ve had time to tackle the one I was most excited about: a HUGE framed photo.

I know, I know, not super ambitious, but I knew it would be beautiful, and I wanted to stare at our special day more than just while looking through the album.

I bought theses frames back in November while Wes was deployed, knowing that I’d love to swap out their insides one day, but that the classic designs would match our decor and tide me over until then.

image (10)

rookie blogger mistake

no before photo= rookie blogger mistake

In fact, I was so tided over that I initially planned to use this baby for my first big photo print.

Giant frame

Hilarity ensued. And by hilarity, I mean swearing and apologizing to my sweet cousin, Ashley.

Okay, cue dramatic music. I’ll montage you through this.

I read on pinterest, specifically in this post that print shops like FedEx office and Staples, etc. can print huge black and white photos for less than $5 (that’s my kind of price!!). I had my doubts, but I chose my photo, measured my frame, and created the proper dimensions in photoshop (where I totally didn’t erase any imperfections on our faces… okay, you caught me, but this baby is life sized. I don’t want to stare at a breakout for the rest of ever!!).

I headed on over to FedEx office, print release in hand, and asked for an engineer’s print. The employee pushed for the upsell and insisted that photos should be printed on their big fancy machine for “only” $7/square foot. Um, no thanks. I’ll take my engineer’s print please. After several more attempts to change my mind, I walked out of the store with my $4.50 36×24-inch wedding photo. Woo-hoo! I was POSITIVE that the hard part was over. Ha.

I turned the giant frame over and began working, tearing off the paper backing all around the sides.

image (12)

Then I ruined my nails forever bent back all of the staples with a butter knife and removed the cardboard backing.

image (13)

image (14)

This thing was triple matted. That’s a level of fancy I can’t even comprehend at this stage of my life. So I started to peel apart the mats. I knew I wanted just the white mat since the photo is more black than white (NOTE: that also makes the photo quality look weirder than a more white than black photo, just an FYI), so I wasn’t too careful about pulling the colored mats apart. That was my second mistake.

After removing all the mats and the print, I was left with approximately 48978234 yards of old unsticky masking tape around the edges of the frame. Ashley jumped in to help me rip it up. Isn’t she grand?

image (15)

I put the photo behind the white frame and was too short on the height. I was so disappointed I didn’t even snap a pic. I swore (sorry, ma!) and ran to grab the black frame off of the wall. This time was much easier, since there was no glue on the back. I bent back the staples, taped the photo over the existing one, and popped it all back together.


MUCH better.


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